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Harness the Full Potential of Your Contact Center: Slidy Data Mart Unlocking Insights to Propel Success!

Slidy Data Mart is available on Genesys Cloud AppFoundry

Slidy Data Mart - Extract, Transform, and Load Your Way to Actionable Insights!

Slidy Data Mart is a comprehensive ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solution designed specifically for Genesys Cloud Contact Centers. It utilizes Genesys APIs to extract data from Genesys Cloud and converts it into structured CSV and SQL tables.

With Slidy Data Mart, you can effortlessly extract, transform, and load your Genesys Cloud data, opening the doors to a wealth of valuable insights. Dive deep into your contact center operations with customizable tables, tailored to capture the main conversation information as well as any additional custom tables you need. Seamlessly inject the structured data into your choice of on-premise or cloud repositories, as well as data warehouse systems, ensuring maximum flexibility and compatibility with your existing infrastructure. But it doesn't stop there.

Slidy Data Mart empowers you to consume and visualize your Genesys Cloud data like never before. Whether you prefer the dynamic Slidy wallboard/dashboard, the advanced analytics of AWS Athena, the user-friendly interface of MS Power BI or tools like Qlik, Tableau, or cloud solutions like MS Azure Data Factory, Slidy Data Mart seamlessly integrates with these popular third-party tools.

Experience the freedom to explore data at different aggregate levels, tailoring the granularity of your analysis to meet your unique customer requirements.

Slidy Data Mart also extracts data in real time through the integration of AWS Event Bridge to Genesys Cloud. This allows customers to tap into real-time metrics and build custom intra day reports.

With Slidy Data Mart as your trusted companion, you'll unlock the full potential of your Genesys Cloud data, make data-driven decisions that drive exceptional customer experiences, and propel your contact center to new heights of success.

Slidy Data Mart: Reporting Solution designed to provide the utmost value at a highly competitive price!

Multiple Architectures supported by Slidy Data Mart for Genesys Cloud CX

Slidy Data Mart: Where Flexibility Meets Scalability in Contact Center Analytics

Hosted entirely on AWS, Slidy Data Mart offers a seamless experience in automated data integration, scalable analytics, and real-time data updates for intra-day reporting. This platform is engineered to facilitate custom reporting, analytics, and data federation, drawing its data automatically from Genesys Cloud conversation metrics and analytical APIs. It serves as the core data and analytics infrastructure for your contact center operations.

What sets Slidy Data Mart apart is its adaptability. You have the freedom to layer on your preferred data visualization or business intelligence tools, such as MS Power BI or Tableau. This flexibility allows you to tailor the platform to meet your specific needs, whether it's data federation or advanced analytics.

When it comes to scalability, Slidy Data Mart outperforms the competition. While other solutions struggle with more than 1,000 queues and 10,000 users, our platform effortlessly handles data extraction for cloud organizations with over 7,000 queues and 15,000 users.

Built by experts well-versed in Genesys Cloud APIs, Slidy Data Mart is crafted to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, including those with particularly large-scale operations. The platform also accommodates various architectures and is a perfect fit for customers with FedRamp compliance requirements. We offer the option to set up data extraction on your own AWS account to ensure the highest level of security compliance.

Moreover, Slidy Data Mart provides comprehensive reporting capabilities for Genesys at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, which often charge extra for additional modules.

Explore the full range of features and benefits through our detailed tables and reports below.

Interaction Details

Interaction Details with Dimension Tables
Conversation details
Dimension audio quality
Dimension evaluations
Dimension flows
Dimension flow outcomes
Dimension journeys
Dimension metrics
Dimension participants
Dimension participant attributes
Dimension scored agents
Dimension segments
Dimension segment property
Dimension sessions
Dimension surveys

User Presence Aggregate Reports

User Presence Aggregate Tables
Agent presence details
Agent status
Agent status details
Agent attrition

Billing Aggregate Reports

Billing Tables
Billing usage
API usage

Bot Aggregate Reports

Bot Flow Tables
Bot intents

Flow Aggregate Reports

Flow Tables
Flows (incl flow outcomes)

Queue Aggregate Reports

Queue Aggregate Tables
Queue callback
Queue chat
Queue email
Queue message
Queue segment
Queue transcript
Queue user voice

Quality Management Aggregate Reports

Quality Management Tables
Sentiment feedback

User Media Aggregate Reports

User Media Tables
User callback
User chat
User email
User message
User transcript
User voice

Custom Aggregate Reports

Custom Tables
Calls answered intervals
Calls handled intervals
Calls abandoned intervals
Callback answered intervals
Repeat calls

Outbound Aggregate Reports

Outbound Tables
Outbound Campaigns

Journey Reports

Journey Tables
Journey Action Maps
Journey Outcomes
Journey Segments

Real Time Reports

Real time reports are built on events collected in real time from the AWS Event Bridge integration to your Genesys Cloud organization.

Real Time Tables
Agent Wrapup
Campaign Progress
Conversation Details
Dimension Audio Quality
Dimension Evaluation
Dimension Flow
Dimension Flow Outcome
Dimension Journey
Dimension Metric
Dimension Participant
Dimension Participant Attribute
Dimension Scored Agent
Dimension Segment
Dimension Segment Property
Dimension Session
Dimension Survey
Dimension Presence
Dimension Routing Status
Conversation Transcript

Custom Development

We support our customers with custom views and reports on demand.

Custom reports can be based on aggregate tables as well as on conversation details and dimension tables.

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