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ALL Genesys Cloud CX In ONE Mobile App!

Welcome to CX Mobile, the ultimate mobile app designed to empower contact center agents and managers like never before!

With all the advanced features of Genesys Cloud CX at your fingertips, you can now harness the power of cutting-edge technology and enjoy unmatched mobile flexibility and access to all your contact center features.

More than just WebRTC features, it's a full-fledged portal to the powerful Genesys Cloud CX, right in your pocket.

This isn't just about handling calls or messages; it's about redefining control and flexibility for agents and managers, anywhere, anytime.

CX Mobile transforms your mobile device into a hub of exceptional customer service and operational excellence. 

It's all about Xperience Xcellence, so don't settle for limited features when you can have it all in One CX Mobile app!

Powerful User Xperience - CX Mobile

What makes CX Mobile the perfect add-on for Genesys Cloud?

CX Mobile ALL IN ONE complements and enhances what Genesys Cloud already does well. It takes that robust feature set and makes it accessible and actionable in a whole new way. It's about setting a new standard for what a mobile contact center solution should be!

More than just a WebRTC Phone with all Genesys Cloud inside!

Where Agility Meets Efficiency in Genesys Cloud Revolutionize Your Response with CX Mobile

In today's hyper-connected world, responsiveness and agility are not just assets; they are business imperatives. The modern customer demands immediate responses, and the business that caters to this need secures a vital competitive edge. In line with this, CX Mobile for Genesys Cloud is designed to deliver seamless customer service from wherever you are.

Now, with the integration of WebRTC technology, we're taking the mobile contact center experience to a whole new level.

CX Mobile supports voice calls, callbacks, voicemails as well as  messaging for all users.
  • - Embrace the future of contact center operations with the CX Mobile app, now power-packed with the revolutionary WebRTC technology.
  • - Extend the reach of your Genesys Cloud solution and create an agile, mobile-first ecosystem that prioritizes seamless customer journeys across different channels. Our solution offers reduced call handling time and cost optimization by eliminating unnecessary hardware and maintenance costs, thus driving unparalleled efficiency.
  • - Amplify your customer experience through real-time communication and simplify your operations with easy-to-use, hassle-free interfaces.
  • - Integrate with your CRM by passing conversation data to the CRM and ensuring seamless user experience.
  • - Improve agent productivity and offer an enhanced work experience by allowing them the flexibility to serve from virtually anywhere. In essence, the CX Mobile App infused with WebRTC technology revolutionizes your Genesys Cloud contact center, making it more mobile, efficient, and cost-effective.

Time to go all in, take the leap today, and transform your contact center operations with CX Mobile App for Agents & Managers.

Your customers and employees will thank you!

Empowering Genesys Cloud Contact Centers with ALL IN ONE (Voice & Messaging) on-the-go!

Empower your Agents with ALL IN ONE CX mobile features!

Unlock Genesys Cloud CX potential with CX Mobile Agent!

Simplifying complexity Optimizing performance

Streamline your CX operations with our comprehensive mobile app CX Mobile Agent for Genesys Cloud - Unleash your agents' potential with a mobile app that puts the customer experience at their fingertips - seamless, powerful, and always on.

Leverage WebRTC phone for voice, callbacks, messages and much more. Exclusively designed and developed for :

All Genesys Cloud CX features in your pocket

Harness the capabilities of the CX Mobile Agent App to access the full power of Genesys Cloud CX anytime, anywhere.

CX Mobile is the right choice for users with Genesys Cloud GC1, GC2 or GC3 licenses as well as Genesys Communicate licenses!

Boost your productivity, streamline your processes, and deliver top-notch customer service with a single mobile app.

WebRTC Phone

Schedule Management

Running Late Requests


Coaching Appointments

Score Cards

Metric Board

Task Management



Schedule Adherence

Time-off Management

Shift Trading




Advanced Settings


Why settle for a single feature when you can have all Genesys Cloud CX in your pocket?

Unlock the full potential of Genesys Cloud CX features!

Revolutionize your user productivity with CX Mobile - THE All-In-One app, anytime, anywhere!

Secure access (OAuth 2 integration with your Genesys Cloud Org).
Users only see configuration and reporting data based on their assigned roles and permissions.
Supports your SSO integration
Offline Storage
Access to historical data beyond API limitations based on local storage and mobile caching machanisms.
Fast access to consolidated reports with optimized (reduced) API usage.
Push Notifications
Application real time updates through web Socket notifications.
Mobile push notifications based on subscription to Genesys Cloud WEM events through AWS Bridge and Firebase integrations.
API Usage Control
Monitoring of daily API usage and configurable limit with 3 threshold levels triggering throttling of API consumption for each user profile.
Real Time Updates
Real-time updates of agent status, Reporting metrics, Gamification metrics and all other configuration data through notifications and websocket events.
Optimized UI/UX
A combination of different modern mobile navigation patterns provide users with a seamless and intuitive navigation on iOS and Android devices.
Sentiment & Topic Analysis
Available for Evaluations & Coaching sessions.
Conversations contain topics, sentiment analysis score & trend in addition to acoustic analysis chart.
Rich Settings
Personalized access to app modules. Users can change the bottom menu navigation items, configure notifications & more.
Includes webRTC troubleshooting utility

Empower your Managers with ALL IN ONE CX mobile features!

Unlock Genesys Cloud CX potential with CX Mobile Manager!

Unleash CX excellence on-the-go

Seize the power of Genesys Cloud CX with CX Mobile Manager mobile app! Tap into its full potential anywhere, anytime.

Transform your contact center operations with our mobile app for managers. From agent performance management to real-time operational monitoring, gain complete control and optimize your team's productivity like never before!

All Agent WEM features ++ for Managers
With our WEM Optimizer app, managers gain access to all the powerful features available to agents, with the added capability of multi-user dimensions. This allows you to monitor and manage your team with ease, using customizable filters to access different divisions, business units, and management units.
Gamification for your Teams
Unlock the full potential of your contact center with our innovative approach to Genesys Cloud CX gamification, with advanced access and navigation of leaderboards, scorecards of your team members.
Experience the power of Genesys CX gamification in a whole new way with our mobile app for managers.
WFM and Reporting for Managers
Stay on top of your team's schedules, manage their time off and late requests, monitor their adherence & shrinkage, and leverage Genesys Cloud forecasting and capacity planning on your mobile.
With real-time and historical queue and agent reports on the go, you gain deep insights into your contact center operations, enabling you to optimize your team's productivity and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Upgrade your CX game with the All-In-One CX Mobile for Genesys Cloud

All Genesys Cloud CX features in a single mobile app!

Harness the capabilities of CX Mobile Manager to access the full feature set of Genesys Cloud CX anytime, anywhere.

Revolutionize the way you work, enhance your team collaboration, and deliver superior customer experiences with our cutting-edge mobile app.

Free trial available

Harness the Power of all Genesys Cloud CX on Your Mobile

Revolutionize your customer experience with the CX Mobile app for Agents and Managers!

Download now from the Apple Store or Android Play Store to unlock the full potential of Genesys Cloud CX on-the-go.

Increase efficiency, and elevate your customer service game with just one app. Handle calls and messages with WebRTC on your mobile device and much more. Don't wait, Go All In with CX Mobile today!


Powerful User Xperience - CX Mobile

Gamification - Maximize your Contact Center Performance!

Revolutionize your contact center operations and boost agent engagement and performance with the power of gamification!

Level Up Your Contact Center Gamification : The Ultimate Tool for Agent Engagement and Performance!

General FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your initial questions about our CX Mobile app! Learn more and explore its features now.

Is CX Mobile the same app as WEM Optimizer?

Yes, we have rebranded WEM Optimizer into CX Mobile as we expanded the feature scope to cover all Genesys Cloud capabilities from Voice & Messaging interaction handling to reporting and all WEM features for both Agents and Managers.

What Genesys Cloud licenses are supported by CX Mobile?

CX Mobile app works for users with any of the following GC licenses:

  • Genesys Communicate
  • Genesys Cloud 1
  • Genesys Cloud 2
  • Genesys Cloud 3

User roles and permissions define what features they have access to.

CX Mobile depends on Genesys API's required permissions and scopes, which are ultimately the main driver for what each user access and do in Genesys Cloud.

How can I get started with CX Mobile?

CX Mobile Agent and Manager application is available on Genesys Cloud AppFoundry.

Please contact us  if you would like to arrange a Demo and help set you up to connect to your Genesys Cloud organization and enjoy a free trial.

What iOS and Android versions are required for CX Mobile app?

The minimum requirements are auto-checked by the respective App Stores:

  1. Minimum iOS version: 14.0
  2. Minimum Android version: 5.1 

How secure is the CX Mobile app?

The following points summarize the security of the WEM Optimizer mobile app

  1. End-to-end encryption (all network requests are transmitted via HTTPS connection)
  2. OAuth integration with Genesys Cloud handling the logic including support for SSO for any connected Identity Server
  3. User access is managed by Genesys Cloud roles and permissions. Module access is controlled through Admin
  4. Client-side data storage – we don't store user data from Genesys Cloud on our servers, it is only stored on the user device. Thus, it reduces the risk of data leaks or unauthorized access
  5. Secure storage with Encryption at Rest: sensitive data (secret tokens) that are stored on the user's device is protected using encryption at rest
  6. No personal or sensitive data transmission to backend application services
  7. Android and iOS stores review the application and they have a closed ecosystem. The mobile OS already has a good access & permission control and we can't do anything sensitive without explicit user permission 

How can I get a quick overview of the application features?

The CX Mobile app  does include a set of Onboarding screens. These also called walkthrough cards are available to  Agents as well as Managers through swipe cards before logging into the app. Each card describes a module of the app providing a wholistic view in less than 1 minute of all Genesys Cloud inside a single mobile app.

Are free trials available for both CX Mobile Agent and Manager?

Yes of course! We offer free trials for both Agent and Manager versions. 

Please contact us to set you up and connect to your Genesys Cloud organization so you can enjoy a free trial.

Is CX Mobile available for both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms?

Yes of course, CX Mobile is available for both  Android and iOS powered mobile devices.

Is the same mobile app used by Agents and managers?

CX Mobile features are dynamically enabled depending on user profiles and the groups they belong to. When logging in the app loads its configuration and enables the Agents or Manager features accordingly.

All application features are compliant with Genesys Cloud permission model.

Agents and Managers have different sets of features. For more details consult the CX Mobile user guides.

Can I enable only parts of the CX Mobile app for my Agents and Managers?

We fully understand that some customers would want to give agents or managers access to specific modules only. This is of course supported by setting up a different agent or manager profile and indicating the modules that should be enabled upon login.

In addition CX Mobile features are subject to user permissions as defined in their attributed roles.

Our support team will be able to support you during the setup phase by configuring the required user profiles.

Is it possible to customize the bottom menu of the CX Mobile app?

Sure you can! This is also a truly unique feature of the CX Mobile app. 

You can rearrange the bottom menu under settings by simply re-ordering the modules that you'd like to access more frequently to have these always visible in the bottom menu.

You can also rearrange the buttons of your WebRTC phone to suit your most frequent operations and personal preferences.

In addition the far right bottom icon opens up the full app menu panel to select any screen you'd like to navigate to.

How is my access to other user and queue data managed?

CX Mobile is fully based on Genesys Cloud APIs and as such subject to the assigned permissions granted for each feature. All permissions are defined in Genesys Cloud and leveraged by CX Mobile to ensure security and controlled access based on divisions, business units, management units or gamification profiles.

How does the CX Mobile app get updated with Genesys Cloud data?

CX Mobile Agent as well as Manager versions reply on various methods to get updated. There are essentially 3 types of methods that are used in various screens depending on Genesys Cloud APIs:

  1. Websocket notifications: these are real time notifications that typically update the application when opened in the foreground like Genesys Cloud standard web UI
  2. Mobile notifications: these are also real time notifications via AWS Event bridge and Firebase. Such notifications are also used for alerts
  3. API calls: most of the CX Mobile app screens support the so called "pull down to refresh" feature allowing users to get updates on demand

Is it possible to limit API usage by user not to exceed the included license fair use?

Absolutely. This is a unique feature of CX Mobile, not only does it allow you to limit API usage by user profile but it does also allow each user to monitor their daily usage over a period of time. In addition users API usage is subject to 3 usage thresholds that throttle API usage without abruptly interrupting app usage.

This allows a fair API usage allocation among all users within the included API allowance of the Genesys Cloud licenses. No other application provides such features!

How does CX Mobile manage user login credentials?

CX Mobile is designed to be secure and does not store or manage user passwords, instead it is integrated with Genesys Cloud and supports SSO (Single Sign On) including use cases whereby Genesys Cloud delegates login to any supported Identity Server.

Does CX Mobile include Gamification?

Indeed, CX Mobile  Agent and Manager apps do include Gamification Leaderboards and Score Cards. Both apps do include innovative mobile card navigation of all configured metrics in the Genesys Cloud Gamifications Profile. The Manager version does also include vertical  card swiping to switch between selected users in addition to advanced filtering capabilities.  

This makes gamification much more fun and interesting to use on the go .

Is reporting part of the mobile app scope?

CX Mobile includes a reporting module for agents and managers.

Real time as well as historical queue and agent level reporting is part of the scope.

Multiple queue reports are available and cover all Genesys Cloud standard metrics with extensive filtering capabilities.

How do I raise a support question?

CX Mobile app is fully supported by a team of subject matter experts.

Access to support is provided through the app itself where you can describe any issues or log feature requests that will be sent to our support and product teams.

WebRTC Phone FAQ

More than just a mobile phone app!

What Media are supported?

CX Mobile supports Voice (inbound and outbound), Callbacks, Voicemail, Web Messaging and Social Messaging

Can I customize my Phone menu?

CX Mobile  has unique features covering phone menu customization to suit right & left handed users on the phone. All telephony buttons can be rearranged on an individual basis.

Are both WebRTC and Remote extensions supported?

CX Mobile  supports both WebRTC phones and Remote (mobile) phones.

How can I troubleshoot WebRTC issues on mobile?

CX Mobile  includes a webRTC diagnostics utility allowing you to troubleshoot:

  • Streaming connection
  • WebRTC station
  • Call connection
  • Call quality

Is it possible to access local phone contacts?

CX Mobile supports switching between Genesys Cloud external contacts and local phone contacts that can be dialed directly from within the mobile app.

Is screen pop data for incoming calls customizable?

CX Mobile offers extensive configuration capabilities. Admin users can configure multiple profiles with different WebRTC phone settings.

Screen pop data is mapped and extracted from conversation participant data.

Users are presented with multiple carousel cards for every incoming call:

  • CRM data (if configured)
  • Conversation data
  • Conversation flow

IS CRM integration supported?

CX Mobile supports CRM integration with SalesForce Dot Com and MS Dynamics as well as other CRM via RESTful API integration in your Genesys Cloud organization.

The configurable CRM data is displayed during ringing as well as after answering the interaction.

Does the mobile app support multiple concurrent interactions?

CX Mobile mirrors Genesys Cloud web UI capabilities and as such is driven by the utilization rules associated to the user. Utilization rules define how many concurrent conversations a user can handle and which media type can be interrupted by another one.

Can I answer ACD calls with CX Mobile app?

Yes you can! The CX Mobile app for Agents and Managers supports WebRTC calls with all the standard call handling features including wrap up, callback scheduling etc.

You can answer both ACD and direct calls.

Users with Genesys Communicate only license can also make and receive non ACD calls.

In addition the mobile app supports extended configuration defined by the Admin to set the participant data to be displayed as well as the allowed transfer and outbound dial target destinations.

Reach out to our support team to get the full details in the CX Mobile user guide.

Can I still access other phone features while on a call?

Yes you can! The CX Mobile app for Agents and Managers allows you easy navigation away and back to any other app module while you are actively on a call.

Where can I get more details about CX Mobile phone features?

CX Mobile is very intuitive and user friendly. The mobile application user guide provides full feature documentation.

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